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Personalizing Writer’s Notebooks August 27, 2007

Today we personalized our notebooks. I learned that you need 2 full class periods to get the job done and there still might be some that don’t finish. Glue sticks work the best ( I will definitely ask for those on the supply list next year). I used laminate paper to cover them and that was a chore. Next year, I am going to have parent volunteers help me because it was very cumbersome. Laminating was a TWO MAN JOB! I wanted to have them covered because it protects them and their pictures won’t fall off. They also move from class to class with them. My students’ notebooks look fabulous. I will try to get pictures soon.

Why personalize? Well, personalizing creates a since of ownership with the notebook. When a student has ownership they are more likely to keep up with their notebook. Another reason to personalize is that they can use what is on their cover as writing topics in case they get stuck. My students were excited to show off their art work to each other. The room buzzed with enthusiasm.


One Response to “Personalizing Writer’s Notebooks”

  1. teacher4life Says:

    Ohhh…. I am so excited for your class. We will decorate this week and then celebrate the start of our journey….

    A Teacher’s Life – Jen

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