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Writing and Music August 18, 2007

Filed under: music,thoughts,writing,writing workshop,WTWP — hey2blondie @ 8:22 pm

percussionToday was a fascinating day at UT Martin. I attended a writing workshop that infused the methods of music. The Caixa Percussion Trio came and demonstrated some awesome percussion pieces for us to hear. Who knew that 3 women could make some fabulous noise!The whole day evolved around writing and music. As a group we got to experiment with the different instruments. Caixa showed us many techniques that we can incorporate in our everyday classrooms. You don’t have to have expensive instruments ( who knew that dog toys could be instruments!) to make music. Many teachers presented various lessons that all teachers could use in their classrooms. I am now ready to start the school year off to a musical start!


6 Responses to “Writing and Music”

  1. aredden Says:

    Today was great wasn’t it Andi. I can’t wait to heartbeat activity with some students. I can’t wait till David figures out how to create a CD of songs like
    “Pieces of Shakespeare” for us. I am especially excited about the number of gifted teachers who attended our session on teacher inquiry. The future of WTWP is looking awfully bright from where I’m standing.

  2. lifecreativitycoach Says:

    It sounds like it was a fun workshop. Maybe next time you can post the workshop before it happens, so some of your readers can attend. I would like to hear about it and attend a workshop like the one you mentioned.


  3. Cliff Burns Says:

    As someone who uses music a lot as I write–as a warmup to get started and then to give me a mood/atmosphere to work by–I find the notion of a writing workshop that incorporates music most intriguing. The notion of using percussion to instill a sense of rhythm…yes, that’s one workshop I definitely might have enjoyed.

  4. hey2blondie Says:

    I will definitely post workshops when they come available!

  5. barclaygp Says:

    I got on ebay when I got home to see how much some drums would cost.

  6. aredden Says:

    How much would they cost, Greg?

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