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My Racing Mind August 8, 2007

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These past two days I have been having random thoughts about my writing workshop. I have been on amazon to look at books and of course I have found some. I am really interested in Barry Lane’s books about revision. That is something I need my students to work on. Don’t we all? I have also read other people’s blogs to get ideas. My mind is just racing with all the things I want to do. I need to sit down and write out what I want to do with writing workshop. Last year went ok, but I need to do better. On the Two Writing Teacher’s blog there was a post about sharing. I need to let my students share more. We do share, but not enough.

Yesterday, I read Ralph Fletcher’s book A Writer’s Notebook. I didn’t even know I had the book until I searched through my library. I got it for my birthday and didn’t even remember. I guess because the cover is different. That book has a lot of insight on what to do with a writer’s notebook. My questions have been answered. It’s weird how your questions can be answered with a simple little book.

Today, I need to focus on one aspect of my writing workshop and see how I can make it better. I need to analyze what worked and what didn’t work.

What works in your writing workshops?


One Response to “My Racing Mind”

  1. aredden Says:

    What aspect of writing workshop do you want to focus on? I’d love to hear your what works and what doesn’t work list. It has been so long since I actually had a writer’s workshop I probably am not the person to ask. In my reader’s workshop though the thing that I loved the most was getting to know my kids as readers. Knowing what they were interested in was the fun part.

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