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More Thoughts on Writer’s Notebook August 6, 2007

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What’s the difference between a writer’s notebook and a journal? I wonder this because I have been looking at writing workshop books and some say writer’s notebook and some say journal. I want to use a writer’s notebook in my class. I thought of many ways to incorporate them. One way is to have thoughts of the day and have my students write about one of the topics posted when they enter the room. Of course that wouldn’t be the only thing in their writer’s notebook-brainstorms, thoughts, lists, responses, etc. I read that one teacher would collect the notebooks and read their students’ thoughts on a weekly basis. I already do this with response logs. I could do an every other week thing. One week response logs the next week writer’s notebooks. I don’t want to burn out and I don’t want my students to burn out. Do you actually grade them or do you give them credit for just doing them?

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5 Responses to “More Thoughts on Writer’s Notebook”

  1. barclaygp Says:

    Does a writer’s notebook contain anything students do in regard to writing (brainstorming, rough drafts, final drafts, etc.)? Am I on the right track with them? They sound like a great idea.

  2. hey2blondie Says:

    Well, somewhat. A writer’s notebook is a place to “grow” ideas. I would have students brainstorm many ideas and pick one of those ideas to write about. Then have them do the writing process with it. I like for my students to turn in everything. You wouldn’t want them to tear pages out of their notebooks. Check this site out hill.troy.k12.mi.us/staff/bnewingham/myweb3/Writer’s%20Notebook.htm

  3. Stacey Says:

    Would you like me to send you the rubric I used to grade them?

  4. aredden Says:

    It seems to me that the big difference between a writer’s notebook and a journal is the purpose. When I hear the word journal, I think of a place that I can capture my thoughts safe from the eyes of others. To me, a journal is personal. A writer’s notebook is a place to capture ideas that will be used for writing later. Like you said, it is a place for ideas to grow. I think I need to start calling my journal a witer’s notebook. 🙂 Thanks for sharing that great site.


  5. hey2blondie Says:

    Stacey, please send the rubric. Thanks

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