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Writers’ Notebooks August 4, 2007

Filed under: writers' notebook — hey2blondie @ 5:23 pm

This school year I want to implement a writer’s notebook. I have read on the Two Writing Teachers blog that they do this too. When I was in Boston, I met two ladies that also use a writer’s notebook in their classrooms. Their writing project site spends two days decorating their notebooks. I plan to do this the first few days of school too. I think it will show the students a sense of ownership with their writing. I am interested in a book by Aimee Buckner. I think this book might be a good start for me to read, so I have some clue to what to do. I might even buy Ralph Fletcher’s book.

Does anyone else have ideas for writer’s notebook?


3 Responses to “Writers’ Notebooks”

  1. Stacey Says:

    Be sure to look at the work of Lucy Calkins (book 1 of her gr. 3-5 units of study), as well as Hill and Davis’ book: The No-Nonsense Guide to Teaching Writing. Both are excellent resources for you to have. Just do not overwhelm yoursel with too much professional reading… make time to write daily. If your kids see you doing it then they will want to do it too.

  2. aredden Says:

    I have that Ralph Fletcher book if you want to borrow it. It is somewhere in my massive pile of stuff that is currently locked up in a room at the junior high. You could always come and help me sort through all that stuff this week. 🙂

  3. hey2blondie Says:

    You know what? I have the Ralph Fletcher book too. It’s just a different cover.

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