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“Crazy” Lady August 2, 2007

Filed under: Quilting — hey2blondie @ 9:00 am


I might be crazy, but I sure do have fun! Today, I made a purse using the “crazy” quilt technique. What a fun day! I met 5 ladies in the parking lot of Office Max at 9:00 a.m. and we were off to Dyersburg, TN where we began the fun. We arrived at 10:02 to be exact and set up our sewing machines quickly. After we were set up, we began the process with our “crazy” lady instructor (Debbie) patiently guiding us. The reason I call her the “crazy” lady is because she is an expert on crazy quilting. She is a friend of the author Barbara Randle who makes crazy quilted purses! I have two of Barbara’s books. We sewed until about 1:00 and then broke for Subway sandwiches for lunch. After lunch, we started back up and didn’t finish until 7:15! The outcome: a unique beautiful purse that no one else will have, but me. Boy, it was a lot of work, but it was worth it! Just like teacher research–it’s a lot of work, but then you get an outcome (the answer you may or may not have been looking for), which is well worth the hard work. So, I guess I am crazy if I like both making purses and teacher research!

click MY PURSE


7 Responses to ““Crazy” Lady”

  1. aredden Says:

    I can’t wait to see your crazy purse.

  2. hey2blondie Says:

    Did you see the picture I posted? You have to click on the title-it’s lightly colored purple. It should take you to a word doc. It’s not my purse, but it’s similar. I will try to get a picture uploaded soon!

  3. aredden Says:

    I can’t find it. What am I doing wrong?

  4. hey2blondie Says:

    click on Crazy quilting book by Barbra Randle. Then it will take you to another place and now click on crazy quiting … It should show you a picture.

  5. aredden Says:

    Was this a class that you went to? It sounds like fun.

    I love your little picture. Is tht actually your hand writing? I am going to have to get me one of those cute little pictures. What is it called, an avatar?

  6. hey2blondie Says:

    No, it’s not my hand. I just went to Google and typed in writing under images and found it. Then saved it in my pictures. After saving it, I went to my profile on my blog. That’s where you can upload your avatar. Cool isn’t it?

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